Originally established in 1955 Metal Assemblies now operates out of 75,000 square foot of manufacturing space and employs over 130 people to produce stampings and assemblies for our customers who predominantly serve the automotive industry. About 25% of our production is exported to Europe as well further afield to places like Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and Japan.

Metal Assemblies works closely with its customer base and offers extensive support at all stages of a project. Our technical competency means that we are able to offer design review and feasibility advice to our customers across a range of processes often reducing the complexity of a product or process leading to lower production costs.

Continued investment at Metal Assemblies means that by utilising the most modern equipment we remain competitive in a very demanding environment. This can be seen not just in the presses and machine tools that we use to produce the parts we supply, but also in the latest scanning techniques that we employ in our quality department and the bespoke manufacturing computer system used to support our manufacturing processes from concept to despatch.

Metal Assemblies enjoys the support of a wide range of suppliers, many of whom have worked with us for several years. This enables us to offer support processes like painting, plating, heat treatment, toolmaking and prototype manufacture in tandem with our own comprehensive capabilities.

In an ever changing world where the environment and ethical standards play more and more of a role when selecting a supplier Metal Assemblies continues to adapt its practices and processes to fully conform to modern expectations.

Metal Assemblies continues to grow by offering a reliable, flexible and friendly service to all of our customer. How can we help you?